2021 Kia Sorento S – A Whole Lotta SUV for Only $32,000!

2021 Kia Sorento S – So around christmas time we first sampled the all-new sorrento in the fully loaded, sx prestige model. However, today we wanted to come back and take a look at the sorrento again, but this time in the value oriented s trim level.

2021 Kia Sorento S Safety Feature

2021 Kia Sorento S Safety Feature

This is a trim level that can be had in the low 30s and comes packed with a lot of different features and technology. So with that said, let’s, go ahead and hop into the review and see if the s is the sorrento to buy. So i want to start off this review by talking about the two different design themes that the 2021 Kia Sorento S  can come in, because if you come to your key a lot looking for an 2021 Kia Sorento, you might be wondering: why do they kind of look different from each other And that’s, because if you choose all-wheel drive, you get the sport appearance group, which is what we have on this example.

What You Have to Get From 2021 Kia Sorento S

So compared to the normal s model that’s, going to have a real sleek design. That looks very much like the sx that we reviewed earlier late last year and then on this one here you have the rugged look, so this is going to come with the tougher lower fascia here using some matte black plastic, as well as a more matte finish On the upper part of the fascia now coming over here to your headlights, these are going to be led headlights.


They’re standard on every sorrento. You do have an incandescent turn signal indicator and then you have got the signature daytime running light that runs right through there now, like. I was already saying the differences between the front wheel drive and all-wheel drive are very significant, and that includes the wheels. So you’re, going to have 18 inch alloys. No matter which one you choose, but they have totally different designs, so you have a contrast: design if you choose the front wheel, drive model, and if you choose this all-wheel drive model.

This is going to come with a full gloss black finish now, above that we have a little accenting up here finished in gray, the s model is going to come with the gloss black mirror caps, and then you do have standard heating and blind spot monitoring.

2021 Kia Sorento S Configuration

Now the 2021 Kia Sorento S is going to have a sporty design. So here, at the side you’re, going to have blacked out window surrounds, as well as a black roof rail to give it that sporty look, and if we walk around to the rear design itself, we’re going to have that Signature sorrento, look that you know we kind of sampled probably two months ago, and i think it has a very rugged yet classy design.

Now let’s. Break down the individual design elements you’re, probably noticing one area where the s is going to be inferior to the higher end models that’s, because these tail lights are going to be just incandescent their led. If you go for the sx trims or higher, then if we drop down, we have sorrento spelled out across here, and this lower bumper area, if you go for all-wheel drive, is going to be this more rugged. Matte plastic, as opposed to the different design for the regular front wheel, drive models.

Now kia is going to give you three out of four of the safety systems standard on all sorrento models, so that’s, going to be ford emergency, braking with pedestrian detection, lane, keeping assist and auto high beam headlamps.


However, do note that if you want to get adaptive cruise control, you’re, going to have to go for at least the ex trim level? So on all, but the very base sorrento you do have kia smart entry system with remote start built right into the key fob and then to get inside the vehicle itself, just press the black button to unlock the door.

We sampled late last year, one of the only significant differences i’m noticing is that instead of the diamond, quilted leather, you have on the s x, prestige, uh, the s trim level as well as most of the other trims on this sorrento lineup. Come with the leather red seats, however, i will say this is a very aesthetically pleasing seat with lots of different designs and stitching details and your choice of black or gray color options now coming over here to your door trim.

2021 Kia Sorento S Gas Mileage

2021 Kia Sorento S Gas Mileage

It is very nicely finished. We have a leather material across the armrest, with a double color contrast, stitching detail, and it is soft touch in the middle as well as along the top, and then we have a textured faux aluminum. As far as the windows are one touch auto up and down for the driver only now coming over here to the seats, these are 10 way power, adjusting with two-way lumbar support, and then, like i was already saying this is a very nice leatherette feels nice and Realistic and it’s very comfortable to set in this seat now, like i was saying earlier, this cabin is very similar to the top end model, even on this second to base trim level so across our upper dash.

This is going to be finished in a soft touch plastic, with a stitching detail as we drop down below. We have more of this faux aluminum trim that you see on most of the sorrento models. We also have some padded material down here on the lower dash.

It is going to be hard touch along the side here, however, we do have kind of those little handlebar look that is popularized by the telly ride, and everything in here does fit together very nicely. Then, to start it up, put your foot on the brake and press the standard button.

Now, of course, there will be some differences from the higher end models, and these gauges are one of them. The 2021 Kia Sorento S comes with the full reconfigurable 12.3 inch gauges. However, this comes with the standard version, with a 4.2 inch multi-function display and analog gauges. I will say, though, these look perfectly fine and have all the expected information you want to find and then pulling back here to the steering wheel. We have kia’s latest design.

2021 Kia Sorento S Interior

2021 Kia Sorento S Interior

It is nicely leather wrapped here with piano black accents and the wheel itself is going to be manual tilt and telescoping. Let’s, go ahead and check the interior storage next, so open up our center console here. First of all, you’ll, be greeted with this little storage tray. You can pull this out and toss that to the side to reveal the entire console here, which is quite deep and does have a nice felt lining in it.

Obviously our big stack of coupons they can fit in here absolutely no problem whatsoever. There’s, a lot of extra cubbies inside this car, which i appreciate. So we have a little slot here. We have a place right here. We have two squared off cup holders and then, if we press on this, we open up a really large bin here in the front. This part here is great. For sticking your cell phone would be a wireless phone charging pad on ex and above, but you still have your standard connections right there now taking a look here at the shifter.

Unlike the hyundai counterpart santa fe uh, you do have a traditional shifter. Instead of the push button style, obviously pull back for drive bump over here to left. If you want to do some manual shifting, the s does not have paddle, shifters and then heading up here to reverse.

We do have a backup camera nice resolution. It’s, got active trajectory and surprisingly, we do have rear parking sensors. Even on this s trim level. We do not have an electronic parking brake, though we do. We have got the foot brake style instead, so something to keep in mind now back behind the shifter. This is where you will find your drive mode controllers and also a few more buttons like turning on and off your auto start stop and your parking sensors.

Now, if you haven’t noticed by now, the s in a lot of ways is really the value sweet spot of the lineup, and that includes by having the standard, dual zone, automatic climate control, setup and standard heated seats. This is the first trim level in the lineup to get those um and, as you can see, three stage heated seats, seat ventilation is reserved for the fully loaded model and then coming up here to the climate controls like i was saying: dual zone automatic you just adjust with these nice toggles.

2021 Kia Sorento S Transmission

2021 Kia Sorento S Transmission

It is touch sensitive on these buttons right here in the center, and then you have some physical buttons off to the side there and, of course it’s got that signature, sorrento dual vent, look which i think is really cool and also pretty practical, all right now coming up here to our audio system, uh most of the trim levels are going to come with the six speaker, sound system that includes this s model.

But if you’re a big, you know, audio person you’ll, probably want to go up to the sx prestige so that you can get that 12 speaker, bose premium sound system, okay, so now let’s. Take a look here at our display. So this is one of your differences between your lower trims and your higher trim levels is that you have an 8 inch display instead of the 10.25 inch display. Now i want to start here in android auto, because this is a very important difference.

We have wireless android, auto and wireless apple carplay here, with this eight inch display. This is actually not available on the larger 10.25 inch display. So if you get the fully loaded models, you won’t have that you have actually have that on the lower end models like this s, so it’s. Definitely a very nice thing to see at this price point something most competitors are not including inside of the main kia system. This is very much the uvo system.

We’re used to seeing so it has a very simple layout with that’s, easy to understand, and you don’t, have built-in navigation or anything like that, considering that this is a lower end model moving above that We have a manual dimming mirror and then everything you’ve seen so far in this interior has been standard equipment here on the s model, however, up at the top there’s, going to be two things that are optional on this Uh we have the panoramic sunroof, which i’ll, go ahead and slide this sunshade back.

2021 Kia Sorento S Redesign

2021 Kia Sorento S Redesign

This is a 1300 option, as you can see very impressively large and in addition to that, the led lighting is packaged with that panoramic sunroof alrighty. So getting in the second row of the 2021 Kia Sorento S, the first thing i’m going to notice is just how much space you have back here.

This is one of the largest offerings you can get in the entire segment. You have 42 inches of rear, legroom 39 inches of rear headroom. That does best the vast majority of the rivals and there’s just so much space back here now behind russian position i have, i would say, probably 10 to 11 inches of rear legroom.

My feet can easily slide up underneath the seat, and it is worth noting that you can slide these seats forward and back as well as recline them, and you’re, probably also noticing that we have the bench seating in the rear. That is going to be standard on the lower trim levels and if you go for the ex or higher that’s going to go to captain’s chairs now, as far as the features are concerned, we’re still Going to have vents, even though this is a lower end model and then dropping below that we have a 12 volt power outlet, as well as a charging usb down here, and you also have two additional charging usbs in the back of each seat back another really.

Nice touch and over here on the door trim. You have a bottle holder now, one of the coolest things about the sorento is that, even though it’s in this mid-size segment, it does have a third row standard equipment, so that’s, very, very rare for this class.  So let’s, go ahead and get back there and see what it’s like. So, in order to do that, you just locate this button right here, push it and it does electrically fold the seat and shoot it forward. Super easy to get back here now.

As far as the space itself is concerned, though, this is not going to be like the biggest third row. Of course, this is not like a really big vehicle in size, but as far as the space itself is not too bad, you have 30 inches of your leg room so to put that in reference that’s about the same as something like a Toyota, highlander and with the seat, slid all the way back.

I still have about a half inch of leg room and my feet can slide up underneath of the seat. Now, as far as the features are concerned, we do have some storage here on the left side. We also have a charging usb port on each side, but we are not going to have vents now walking up to the tailgate.

2021 Kia Sorento S Cargo Space

2021 Kia Sorento S Cargo Space

Unfortunately, on the s model you’re, not going to have a power one. I don’t really expect that. But of course you can get a hands-free power one if you go for the higher end models, but on this one you just push the button to open it up and as far as the space itself is concerned, you’re, going to have 16 Cubic feet of space behind the third row seats that expands to 45 cubic feet behind the second row and as a maximum, you have 75 cubic feet of space.

Now that is actually right in par with the vast majority of the rivals, if not bigger than some of the other ones. Despite having that third row taking up some of the space back here now, as far as how they finished it, if we lift up the carpeted floor, we do have storage here on the left side, you can fit quite a bit of stuff up up under there And, as you would expect, you are just going to have a manual folding third row, so you just pull that little strap and it folds right down, and you do also have buttons to power fold the second rod.

2021 Kia Sorento S Specification

So there’s, two different engines with the sorrento lineup, we sampled the 2.5 turbo engine. This is the 2.5 naturally aspirated engine, so you’re, going to have 191 horsepower 181 pound-feet of torque. Those are fine numbers. Obviously it’s, going to be less powerful yeah if you get the turbo models, but you know this is really adequate. Yeah i’d, say that probably the main difference you’re gonna notice would be in the uh torque figure, where you have that you know 300 plus pound feet of torque with the turbo.

2021 Kia Sorento S Specification

2021 Kia Sorento S Specification

You do have that push back in your seat sensation. This is going to be a little bit weaker, but honestly, i think this is perfectly fine for the average consumer. So if you’re looking for a more basic in sorrento, this is not like as weak as a kitten or anything.

This is just fine. This is not super powerful, but it is a-okay. So let’s. Talk about the transmission! That’s, another difference between your two powertrain options. So this has a traditional, eight speed automatic transmission. If you have the turbo model, it comes with an eight speed: dual clutch automatic transmission, comparing the two um. This is very nice and smooth transmission. Um, obviously, the shifts are going to be a little less crisp than in the dual clutch.

Of course, you know goes with the theme that that’s, a much more powerful, much more sporty model, and this here really blends seamlessly into the background. But when you put your foot down, it does shift uh to give you more power instantaneously and why don’t, we just go ahead and talk about that.

You know this sorrento just cruising down. We’re, going around 55 miles an hour now i mean supremely comfortable. We said this in you know our past sorrento reviews. This does an exceptional job of just soaking, up the bumps being very comfortable. It’s, gonna be one of the most comfortable things that you can buy for all three rows of your family and i will go ahead and get a sound level reading. So we can kind of compare to some of the rivals so going 55 miles an hour and you know it’s, just kind of a touch that a lot of rifles include standard across the board. Now, as far as the fuel economy is concerned, this one as equipped is going to come in at 24 miles a gallon combined.

I do want to mention here, though, that if you’re, looking for a higher end model with the turbo engine that you’re, not going to pay any more at the pump for that, you’re, actually just going To get the power with the same fuel economy so that’s i guess unfortunate for this base model, but a good thing if you want to go for the turbo, but now let’s go ahead and get into that.

How much the 2021 Kia Sorento S Price?

For the pricing, which is such a strong suit for the 2021 Kia Sorento S now it’s, gonna start at $35,000, which is just one step above the lx that has that base price of under thirty thousand dollars, and that Is with front drive, we do have the optional panoramic moon roof, as well as the destination charge of $11.75. That brings this one to $36,375 bucks.

2021 Kia Sorento S Price

2021 Kia Sorento S Price

But to conclude here what a value this thing is um, you know i don’t want to reiterate too much, but as you’ve seen throughout this review, you get a lot of the same stuff from the higher end models right Here on this affordable s trim level and that’s, in addition to all of the just generally really strong attributes of this all new sorrento, so color us impressed well guys.

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