2021 Lexus LC 500 Convertible -Top Performance Luxury PERFECTION!

2021 Lexus LC 500 Convertible – So, as you know, it is really difficult for a brand to bring a concept vehicle to life for the production version. It usually gets watered down in one way or another, but thankfully that was not the case for this lexus lc.

2021 Lexus LC 500 Convertible

2021 Lexus LC 500 Convertible

What You Have to Get From 2021 Lexus LC 500 Convertible

It has been a show stopper from the moment. It first came out and somehow lexus has managed to make this package even more aesthetically. Appealing with the addition of this new convertible model, which we’ve, had the privilege to spend the last week with, but this cabrio goes far beyond just looks so let’s, go ahead and jump into the review and see if this Is the ultimate in open top transportation?


So, like i was saying at the beginning, a few vehicles really translate the concept vehicle to production vehicle as well as this lexus 2021 Lexus LC 500 Convertible has – and this is an absolutely stunning vehicle.

I mean that’s, really, all i can say about it. It draws so much attention everywhere we go and every time i look up or walk up to it. It really just gives you like a special sensation, and that starts up here in the front.

So of course, you have got the signature, lexus spindle grille on board a little gray, texture of mesh right inside of here with your surrounds through here, and then you have these headlights. These are some of the coolest headlights on any modern vehicle um.

Just this absolutely awesome. Look to them! You’ve got these three like crystals in here like a carbon fiber design through here, you’ve, got the arrowhead daytime running light, which comes out and bends around, and then you have this extension, which is your led turn signal.

Just an awesome look and it looks like nothing else on the road now. What concept like design would be perfect without really large wheels, and that’s, what you get with the 2021 Lexus LC 500 Convertible of course, so you have a standard 20 inch alloy.

You also have an optional dark finish: 20 inch alloy, but what we have is the best looking option. These are 21 inch alloys, as you can see, with both a polished and also dark. Finish on here really looks awesome in person.

2021 Lexus LC 500 Convertible Release Date

2021 Lexus LC 500 Convertible Release Date

You also have very large 15.7 inch, six piston, ventilated brakes to slow this guy down. Coming up here to your mirrors, you’ve got the contrast, finish on board and, of course, they are fully loaded with all the features so heating power, folding, auto dimming and blind spot monitoring.

Well, obviously, this is an 2021 Lexus LC 500 Convertible, as you probably guessed from the title, so i do want to mention a few things about the convertible top and all that you can get black or sand colors. This particular model has the sand option and it can be put down in 15 seconds at speeds of up to 31 miles per hour now walking around to the rear design.

This has got to be one of my favorite rear designs on any vehicle. Ever it looks so good now, as far as how this is different from the coupe. It’s, going to have a little bit more of a flat design, obviously to accommodate for that convertible top, but it’s not too different from the coupe overall.

So you’re still going to have your 2021 Lexus LC 500 Convertible branding here. You do eliminate the power deploying spoiler that the coupe has, though, and then, if we come over to the tl lights, these are some of the coolest tail lights.

You can get on any vehicle, they have a very cool three-dimensional. Look as you can see. If you look back, it even has like reflections on the brake light. Of course it is going to be full, led and then dropping down here.

We do have our reverse light right here and then we have quad exhaust tips and dual trapezoidal outlets pumping out that absolutely fabulous sound [ Music ]. Now, as with pretty much any lexus product, you’re, going to get their entire suite of safety systems standard across the board.


When you unlock it unlock it, the door handle, will pop out and the mirrors will fold out or you can just walk up to the door, handle and press in on the end of it, and it will release itself but check out this beautiful cabin.

It is absolutely stunning and covered with leather from head to toe. Now, as far as your different color and material options, you do have a few, so of course this is going to come standard with real leather.

However, our model with the touring package throws in the high-end semi-aniline leather and as far as your different choices, you have black. You have a circuit red option which is very cool looking and then you have what is probably the most luxurious option, and that is this.

Glazed caramel option now turning over here to your door trim. Of course, you’re, going to see the same leather covering this entire thing as well. All this area, this part where your arm will rest, has a unique texture to it.

If you get real close to it, and you have the leather across the entire top as well got your beautiful, real aluminum door handle through here two three person, memory, seating and two fully automatic windows now checking out the seats.

These are going to be 10 way. Power adjusting with two-way lumbar support – and you even have leather down here covering this bottom part of the seat and then like i was saying this is a semi-annelid leather seat, so absolutely beautiful, fantastic leather quality, lots of stitching and quilting design elements in play here, and These seats are so so so comfortable.

I also want to point out that, with the touring package you get the neck heaters, so this will blow warm air down the back of your neck. To keep you warm on the cool nights when you still have the top down now, just looking at this cabin, you can already tell this: is a beautiful and high quality place and when you’re inside of this i mean it really just makes A phenomenal impression with high quality materials absolutely everywhere so across the gauge cluster.

2021 Lexus LC 500 Convertible Interior

2021 Lexus LC 500 Convertible Interior

Here this is going to be finished in alcantara and then pretty much every place else that you touch inside this entire cabin is going to be covered in this beautiful glazed caramel leather, with stitching details through here down through here, going down the armrest through the center Console over here, where your controller is down the side i mean absolutely everywhere – is covered in this leather or real aluminum element.

However, you can press this button right here and that’s, going to slide the tachometer over and reveal to you a basically a traditional multi-function display, and this will allow you to cycle through all the expected information, including some extra stuff.

Like your g-force readings, and then you have your safety systems and stuff like that over here on this display. Now, in addition to that, it’s, gonna be very difficult for me to get the right angle here with the microphone there.

We go so we do have the optional head up display as well, and this contains a lot of really useful information, especially for highway driving now coming back here to the steering wheel. Of course, we have electric power assisted steering again that’s, not a surprise, but this is a lovely steering wheel.

You have a beautiful perforated leather here on the side, leather covered airbag cover, and in the back here we have large real metal powder. Shifters, so these feel absolutely fantastic to use and we will¬†show them off a little bit in the test drive as far as the wheel itself. It is going to be power adjusting and, of course, we have steering wheel heating on board all right, but now let’s, go ahead and talk about interior storage.

Now this is a two-door vehicle, so you don’t expect to have a ton, but at the same time it is also a grand touring vehicle. So you want at least enough that you can go cross country with another person.

So if you slide this back, this is first going to reveal a little storage area. This can also be used as a cup holder. Then you grab right here, and this is going to flip off to the side, and this is your main center console storage.¬† So, as you can see, this is actually pretty nicely sized very nicely finished, with a felt lining and then you have got some usb ports and a 12 volt outlet inside then we’ll, get out our coupons now.

You know you may not have coupons if you are driving a hundred and twelve thousand dollar car but, like i always say, with expensive vehicles. You can pretend like this is a fat stack of cash or something more relevant up to you, but as you can see, that’s going to fit in there no problem whatsoever with a little fold in half when you press that there it does Nicely close itself, which is a good touch now beyond that, there’s, not a lot of extra storage.

2021 Lexus LC 500 Convertible Transmission

2021 Lexus LC 500 Convertible Transmission

All you’re going to find is one cup holder underneath of this leather lid. Now, as we pull back here to the shifter, this does have an electronic shifter, and the operation of this is a little bit different than in most vehicles.

So, actually for drive and reverse you’re gonna have to push to the left here and then pull back so that’s. Gon na have you in drive. You can pull back once more. That’s, going to put you in manual mode and that’s when you can do shifting with these lovely paddle shifters for reverse push to the left and up and when you go into reverse, you will be greeted with a standard backup camera, of course, with active trajectory front and rear parking sensors, but i am kind of surprised to see that a 360 camera is not available so that’s, not going to be anything you get on this 2021 Lexus LC 500 Convertible uh.

However, the mirrors do tilt down when it reverse, to help make backing a little bit easier. Then, for park, you’re just going to press the p right there. You do have an electronic parking brake that automatically deploys right over there and a brake hold function right there.

Now, right next to that, we have our lexus inform remote, which operates the intune or the inform system which we’ll talk about in just a second and then up in front of that we have our audio controls so uh with this lexus, we’ve got a standard 12 speaker sound system.

However, this one here has the optional 915 watt, 13 speaker mark levinson sound system, so we’ll, go ahead and give that a sample right now: [ Music, ], [, Music ]. So we found over the last week that overall, sound quality is excellent, even if you have the top up or down now speaking of physical buttons, you do have some physical controls for the climate setup here, so this is a dual zone automatic setup.

So what you’ve got here. Basically, is your temperature adjustment and your fan speeds? You have some defrost stuff, but if you want other options that’s going to require you go into the infotainment system, so i’m.

Going to go over to that right now and we click into the climate, so this is where you can make some additional adjustments, including to your zones. This is also the only place where you can turn on your vented and heated seats, as well as the heated steering wheel. So that’s, a bit of a confuse for sure, because this takes a lot of steps and it’s, really distracting to actually go in here and try to change these settings while you’re driving. That being said, if you choose the touring package on this, you have what is known as the climate concierge.

So what this basically does is allow you to set the one temperature and then the car is smart enough to figure out if the top is up. If the top is down what the temperature is outside inside, etc, to find the exact balance that you want, that involves heated seeds, heated steering wheel, the neck warmers vented seats.

You know the whole shebang. Basically, it’s, an all-encompassing thing to try to get you to that one single ideal temperature which we have at 70 right now, so that does help a little bit, although sometimes, if you want to take manual control, it is going to be a Bit tedious to get to these settings now that basically puts us at the infotainment system itself, so this is a 10.3 inch display. This is not a touch display like in some of the most recent lexus products, as you can probably tell by how far away it is, you will have to use this remote touch interface.

Now, taking a look at the software, this is pretty much what you expect from the lexus brand. You’ve got your menu right there, which you can just kind of bounce between the various different settings, and you have some shortcuts that pop up above it as far as projection. Here you have android, auto and apple carplay.

2021 Lexus LC 500 Convertible Redesign

2021 Lexus LC 500 Convertible Redesign

They are the wired variety and then, if we go over to our map here, this will be your navigation system. Of course it is built-in and standard equipment you can zoom in and out, using the track pad. And if you go over here to the side, you can toggle on this side display so that you can have two different kinds of information up simultaneously and then.

Finally, up here at the top, we have our auto dimming mirror with homelink universal remotes, the frameless variety and we do have touch sensitive, led lighting, alrighty guys. Now, of course, the rear seats are not a focus of this 2021 Lexus LC 500 Convertible, but you do have them, which is a benefit for a vehicle like this in case, you really do have an emergency where you need to be hauling around four people.

So when you get back here, you just fold the seat up like that, and then you can slide it up and out of the way. Actually, i think that might be as far as it goes up and then, if we hop in here well it certainly isn’t going to be spacious back here um, but the roof is off.

So i have plenty of headroom. I actually have about a thousand inches of headroom and pretty much no leg room, but it’s, not too bad. Overall, the seat is pretty comfortable and uh. You know if you’re hearing that v8 engine roar.

I think you will be perfectly fine back here now walking up to the cargo area in order to open you just locate this little button in the right tail light that pops it open it’s, pretty bougie, i must admit, and as far as the space itself Is concerned back here, lexus rates this at 3.4 cubic feet. I’m thinking. It’s a little bit more than that. I don’t know if it’s, a typo on their press document or whatnot, but it definitely fits all of our camera equipment back here i’ve, been very pleasantly surprised with the amount of space that it has.

You could certainly fit several different duffel bags for a weekend trip, and that is even with the top down, so you’re, going to be fine on space with this model. Now this wouldn’t be an 2021 Lexus LC 500 Convertible. If your passenger seat, wasn’t power adjusting and it’s a lot of ways, so it’s just about the same as the drivers.

I think it is exactly the same now in order to open up the glove box. You just push this really nice metal button and it pops it open. It is going to be nicely leather wrapped. We have a felt lining inside.

I know the part that you’ve, been waiting for this entire review, the coupon part. Yes, the coupons fit in here perfectly fine, so alexis has thought about literally everything, putting the coupons in the glove box and you can just hand them right out.

2021 Lexus LC 500 Convertible Specification

Yes, this thing: oh my gosh screams, oh my! So this is the signature. Lexus 5 liter v8, naturally aspirated that’s uncommon. These days, naturally, aspirated 471 horsepower 398 pound feet of torque. So a lot of power plenty of power to move. Even this large convertible, around um, with ease yeah, the zero to 60 on this is going to be 4.6 seconds, so it’s, not like eye-wateringly fast, but that engine just sounds incredible and it is certainly quick.

It is also worth noting that the hybrid is not going to be offered for the convertible, so i’m sure. A lot of you guys know about the 2021 Lexus LC 500 Convertible. It’s, not going to be a thing here. You’re just going to get this 5 liter v8, which has that amazing sound.

2021 Lexus LC 500 Convertible Specification

2021 Lexus LC 500 Convertible Specification

So i’m sure that’s. What most people went with yeah? Can we not all just agree? This is the way to go. Anyways yeah, oh my gosh, and it does so in just like the most classy way ever like it sounds so good, but it’s still like so comfortable and like refined.

Oh my gosh yeah this. Oh this engine, just fantastic! Now, of course, we are, we’re, starting this uh test drive off with the top up uh. We will get the top down in just a little bit so with an engine. That sounds that good. You may wonder: what’s? The you know performance: how dynamic is this um? It’s, actually pretty good. So this is definitely a comfort focus vehicle right. Let’s. Get that clear.

To start with. This is a grand touring vehicle. It’s, something for you to you. Can sport around in it, but it’s also going to give you supreme comfort, so hustling it down a back road, though it actually does a pretty admirable job.

Really it stays nice and flat. Lexus has done several things when you’re transitioning to the convertible, to make sure you keep that dynamic feeling. So you know you have more bracing, for instance, to keep this nice and firm as you go around corners, i’ll flip.

It into the sport mode here so that we can get a good sample of the dynam dynamicism of this. So here we go like a long sweeping curve yeah it stays pretty flat. Of course, this is big and heavy. At the end of the day and, like i said, comfort oriented, but it really does a good job of containing that and i do like the steering feel as well yeah, and since we were talking about the comfort side, i mean this car.

It does such a good job. This is got ta, be up there with one of the most comfortable cars i’ve ever ridden. In i mean it is just so comfortable, you hit a pothole and it just soaks it up, and you don’t feel a thing and that’s, really exactly what buyers want in this segment is just that comfort and then also The sport, if you really want that you can also get it right and a lot of that comes courtesy of the adaptive variable suspension as well.

So you have that dual character, where you can go into comfort and just float along or you can kick it in a sport and i actually have a good time all righty guys, so we stopped to get the top down. Of course, this is an 2021 Lexus LC 500 Convertible.

What would we be doing if we didn’t at least give you some of the top-down experience? You know it sounds even better with the top down, because you can just hear the echoing of the engine. We have a couple of performance options on this specific example too, so we actually have the limited slip differential and we also have the yamaha dampers. So this one is. It has a little bit of the extra sporty options um.

2021 Lexus LC 500 Convertible Price

2021 Lexus LC 500 Convertible Price

It’s, not like dual clutch quick, but it is plenty responsive for you to really have some fun rev out that engine and just listen to that sound yeah and you know if you have it in just comfort mode. The 10-speed automatic just blends right into the background to create that comfort focus feel that you want out of a vehicle like this and now let’s, go ahead and discuss the slam, dunk and air ball.

How much the 2021 Lexus LC 500 Convertible Price?

Now this one as equipped this is our the press. Loaner has literally every option. I believe you can get on the How much the 2021 Lexus LC 500 Convertible Price?. So then, at when you add the destination charge as well as all that it is going to bring in at $112,420, so not cheap, but also it could be a lot more expensive.

I believe yeah for sure, and can we just talk for a second about how quiet it is in here with even the top down? If you, when you have the windows rolled up, you have a wind deflector in the back um. You can really just have a casual, regular conversation in here, which i think really just kind of plays into that just full luxury.

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