2021 Nissan Armada Midnight Edition – A Classic SUV With Modern Touches!

2021 Nissan Armada Midnight Edition –  So nissan is currently working on a plan to bring 10 new or updated products to the market in 20 months and this updated 2021 nissan armada is the latest product. It has been heavily updated inside and out both with new styling and new technology, and we’ve also had the last week to thoroughly test out all those improvements.

What You Have to Get From 2021 Nissan Armada Midnight Edition

So a lot of times a brand does a refresh on a model, and you wonder what did they actually do? This is not one of those instances. It is very apparent straight from the beginning. What nissan has done and they’ve, really updated. This 2021 Nissan Armada Midnight Edition to have that latest design language already in line with the upcoming 2022 pathfinder model.


So up here in the front you’re, going to notice their latest v-motion grille. This has been enhanced to be a little bit larger and more squared off. For a more rugged look, and on this particular sl trim level, we have the midnight edition package. So what that’s going to do is black out a lot of the elements, including what would normally be chrome around the grill as well as this lower fascia will be finished in a gloss black now. The other big aspect of the refresh is going to be enhanced lighting, so you’ll notice.

This is a brand new headlight cluster. It is fully led across every single trim level, and you have a really nice looking bracket shaped, led daytime running light and turn signal that goes around through there and then also down here at the bottom.

The sl trim, level and platinum will throw in led fog lamps now to go along with the updated front end. Nissan has also updated our wheel options so on this particular midnight edition, we do have an exclusive 20 inch contrast, alloy wheel, which i think has a very nice looking design, and then you do have various other sizes going down to 18 inches on your lower end Models and up to 22 inches on your top end platinum.

2021 Nissan Armada Midnight Edition Configuration

2021 Nissan Armada Midnight Edition Configuration

Now, moving up here we do have our signature hood vent. We have the blacked out v8 branding there. The 2021 Nissan Armada Midnight Edition does also black out the mirrors as well and as far as the features you get on, this blind spot monitoring is going to be included as standard on every single trim level and so long as you choose anything above that base model.

That’s, going to give you all the other features, including power, folding, auto dimming and heating. Now the big changes aren’t going to happen here at the side, but i do want to point out that, with the midnight edition you do have black roof rails, which gives it a little bit of a sportier look.

But here at the rear. This is wow, i i am so impressed with the change nissan has made. I mean they changed a few different things and it just looks so much better overall and has a very classy and elegant. Look that really reminds me of that qx80 model. So, breaking down what you’re, going to get with the midnight edition that’s, going to black everything out. So all of this area, your moda branding as well as this piece right here, is all blacked out to give it a sporty look.

We have black sl branding and then, if we look at the taillights, these are also going to be a all new design. For the refresh model they’re fully led. Every single element in here is led, which looks very premium and then dropping down here to the bumper area.

2021 Nissan Armada Midnight Edition Gas Mileage

2021 Nissan Armada Midnight Edition Gas Mileage

We’re, still not going to have exposed exhaust outlets, but we do have this piece right here that’s, blacked out in the midnight edition or silver on the rest of them. Now, as far as the safety is concerned for the armada nissan throws in the entire gamut of safety systems standard across the board, so that’s, going to be ford.


So every version of the 2021 Nissan Armada Midnight Edition will come standard with nissan’s, intelligent entry system and if you choose the sl or above that, will give you a remote start and then to get inside the truck itself. There’s, not a sensor. Behind the handle, so just press the button all right and taking a look inside of this cabin, as you can see right off the bat. There are certainly big changes inside that really make a big difference as far as the overall experience, but we’ll get into that in just a second.

First talk about the different interior, color and material options. So your base s trim level is going to come standard with cloth, seating sv with leatherette and the sl trim level with real leather. Like you see here now, usually you have got the choice between charcoal or almond colors, however, with the midnight edition, as you would expect, you are exclude or reserve for just the black option.

Only and then the platinum trim will come with quilted leather. Now, turning over here to your door trim, it is very nicely appointed. You have leather covering basically the entire door trim from the top to the bottom, so all through the armrest, the door grab as well as through this area nicely padded as well on sl and above you will have your two-person memory seating and as far as the Windows, they are going to be one touch auto up and down for all four got.

2021 Nissan Armada Midnight Edition Interior

2021 Nissan Armada Midnight Edition Interior

Your midnight edition branded floor mats there and, as far as the seats themselves, these are going to be 10 way power, adjusting with two-way lumbar support and, like i was already mentioning this is a real leather. This is a nice seat very comfortable uh like it’s, has this feeling of like being on a couch or something so it’s. Definitely very nice on a long road trip now to get inside the 2021 Nissan Armada Midnight Edition you do have standard running boards, as well as a nice driver side, assist grip.

Now the armada always had very nice cabin material. So thankfully, nissan hasn’t changed the materials as much as they have with the design so across our upper dash. This is all going to be finished in a soft touch plastic. As we move down you’ll notice. This trim piece that runs through here and onto the door trim on this midnight edition. This is basically a faux carbon fiber. The other models will have a wood trim instead over here on the sides of the console.

We have a leather trim that runs down through here. We have more leather that runs along the side here for your knee to rest against and then this whole center area is going to be finished and more of this faux carbon fiber, which is usually something i don’t like, but i have to Say i actually do like the look of this in this specific vehicle now to start up the 2021 Nissan Armada Midnight Edition.

Just put your foot on the brake and press the standard button, just as soon as you do that you will notice that burley v8 firing up now. As far as your gauges are concerned, this does represent a nice change for 2021. If you remember, the old version used to have what i call a calculator screen. Basically, a small crunchy display with very basic information that has been eliminated this year. So we now have a seven inch display right there in the middle nice and vivid and plenty bright with all the information that you’ve come to expect.

So this is definitely a nice upgrade. There is not a full digital option or a head up display available, though now coming back to the steering wheel, we do have a nice leather, wrapped steering wheel with the updated nissan logo on the wheel.

As far as the wheel itself, it is going to be power adjusting across every single model and if you choose the top-end platinum model, that’s, going to throw in heating as well as a leather covered, airbag cover all right. So let’s, go ahead and dig into interior storage next, because this is a large suv. After all, so it’s very important. So we’ll open up our center console here, as you can see right from the start, it is nice and large.

2021 Nissan Armada Midnight Edition Transmission

2021 Nissan Armada Midnight Edition Transmission

We do have a removable tray that we can toss to the side and the whole thing is very nicely felt lined, which i appreciate now let’s. Put it to the test, though, got our thick stack of coupons. Stick that in there, even with the other stuff i have in there no problem whatsoever, and this is also accessible for the rear passengers as well.

Now, up in front of that, we have our two cup holders underneath of that piece of trim there and new this year with the rearrangement of the dashboard. If you open that right, you can see inside, we have a large place to stick our cell phone, which does also double as a wireless phone charging pad.

So it’s. Definitely a nice addition. Inside of that is a 12 volt outlet and below that you have your traditional usb connections. I’m pulling back to the shifter. This has also been updated with a new design and, of course, you pull back to d for drive bump to the left.

If you want to do some manual shifting, there are not power shifters on the steering wheel, however, and then heading into reverse. This is where you’ll, be greeted with a standard backup camera or on the sl, and above you will have nissan’s around view monitor, so this has been updated to have better resolution. As you can see, you have your traditional view with your active trajectory and your 360 view with moving object, detection.

You can also press this button right here to change from change to some other views like a side view and in addition to that, the mirrors do till down when in reverse help, you see the parking lines better. Now, back behind the shifter, you’ll, find a new addition to the interior as well, and that’s, going to be this new control knob. This will help you control the new infotainment system. However, it is also a touch display.

We’ll talk about that in just a second and then in front of the shifter right here you do have a trailer brake controller all right now, jumping above that we have an updated climate control setup. This is going to be a three zone. Automatic setup as standard equipment on all the models very simple to use. You just have these nice quality knobs here to adjust your temperature and all the other buttons are physically located below that off to the side, we have three stage: seat heating.

2021 Nissan Armada Midnight Edition Entertainment

2021 Nissan Armada Midnight Edition Entertainment

So let’s, go ahead and get now to the elephant in the room, which is this brand new display really modernizes the cabin? If you remember what the old one used to look like with all the buttons around it, this is really a huge difference and takes this cabin into the 21st century.

Now, as far as what size this is, this is actually a 12.3 inch display. This is the largest inside of the nissan lineup and, like i mentioned earlier, you can control it with the knob, but it is also a touch display as well, so that’s, certainly nice to have both options on board.

This right here is your built-in navigation system has really nice and crisp resolution and good response, and then coming back out of that, you will find both android, auto and apple car playabilities included across the board on the apple carplay is going to be wireless, so that’s, certainly nice to see, but it’s, not wireless for android, auto.

Now, moving above that we have an auto dimming mirror with three homemake universal remotes built into it. If you choose the top end platinum, you’ll, get the rear, camera mirror system and then up here at the very top. This is where you’ll find a normal sized moon roof. This is going to be included on the sl and the platinum trim levels, but there is not a panoramic option. All righty guys i’m in the refreshed armada’s, rear seat.

I have to say sitting back here. I’m very impressed, just as my first impression has a lot of space and a lot of really cool luxury features. Let’s. Talk about that space figure. First, though, so we have 41 inches of rear, legroom 40 inches over headroom. That is slightly smaller than the chevy tahoe, as well as the ford expedition, but really not by much as you can see behind receding position. I have i mean man. This is probably like a foot if not a foot and three or four inches of space and my feet.

2021 Nissan Armada Midnight Edition Redesign

2021 Nissan Armada Midnight Edition Redesign

They don’t really slide up underneath the seat that well, but i have plenty of space to put them and as far as this particular model, seating configuration you’re, probably noticing that we have the optional captain’s chairs uh, with this center console that’s, a 650 option on the sl and platinum trims, and i’m. A really big fan of this. Nothing else in the segment will give you this besides this and the qx80, and it gives you a ton of storage here in the middle.

We could definitely fit our coupons back here, so i should have brought them back there’s tons of space. It’s nicely felt lined if we pop this open. We do have cup holders inside and we can even drop this open, and that gives us even more space.

So we can literally store years worth of coupons right here in the cern console. So a plus for me and then, if we turn towards the features uh here in the center, we are going to have our own climate controls. Since three zone is uh standard uh, this particular model. We do not have heated rear seats because the platinum model is going to throw that in as well as dual rear seat entertainment system screens.

And then, if we drop down below that, we do have a household style outlet, as well as a 12 volt power outlet, and our vents are located up here on the roof. Now let’s, go ahead and hop into the third row, so in order to get back here, all we have to do is locate this little lever right here.

If we push that once it folds the seat and pops it out of place, so we can get back here very easily and as far as the space is concerned in this third row um well, this is certainly not the most spacious um option. You can get you have 28 inches of rear, legroom 36 inches of her headroom, but mainly the issue i have most of the problems with is going to be the thigh support. As you can see this, oh this seat is flat on the floor and basically that just means that my thighs are going to be completely sitting up and pretty uncomfortable.

But my feet can slide up underneath the seats now as far as okay and as far as the features we do have cup holders here on this side, and we do have vents, which is not a given now walking up to the tailgate. If you get at least the sl trim, you are going to have a power one, but it is not going to be foot activated or anything like that, and if i could complain about something this tailgate, i wish it would work a little faster.

2021 Nissan Armada Midnight Edition Cargo Space

2021 Nissan Armada Midnight Edition Cargo Space

It’s a little slow, but as far as the space itself is concerned, we’re, going to come in at 17 cubic feet behind the third row seats we fold them. It expands all the way to 50 cubic feet and then, as a maximum, you have 95 cubic feet of space, so certainly that’s, plenty of space for the average family’s needs, but that is still going to be quite a Bit less in the chevy tahoe, as well as the ford expedition, but, like i said i don’t, really think it’s, going to be an issue for most people.

Now, as far as the finishings back here, we have a really nice carpeted floor board here and if we lift it up, we’re, going to find a little bit of additional space and we have a spare tire up under here and then on the left side, we have a 12 volt power outlet and this one does have just the manual folding third row. However, you can get a power folding third row. If you go for the platinum model now over here in your passenger seat, we do still have power.

Adjustment, which is nice, and we also have lumbar support and if we open up the glove box. Yes, this is a very, very good size box. If we take out our coupons here, there is plenty of space, even with other stuff, like the owner’s manual in here. It fits in here just fine, and i’m sure you will need to be saving money on food, since gas might cost you a little bit in this and then, if we open up the sun visor, we do have a mirror as well as a light, and we can also detach.

2021 Nissan Armada Midnight Edition Specification

This is a big big big vehicle and it this thing is still just so quick um. So, as you probably you know, saw drew explain on the outside, you have a big v8 badge on the outside, so this is going to have a big, naturally aspirated, 5.6 liter V8 engine. This is the same one that you see in the titan and it’s. Producing 400 horsepower 413 pound-feet of torque, and you know, as you can see from that acceleration there. This thing absolutely scoots and it sounds absolutely great as well.

2021 Nissan Armada Midnight Edition Safety Feature

2021 Nissan Armada Midnight Edition Safety Feature

That’s right it’s. Um i’m glad they didn’t change this aspect of it because uh this V8 is really just a great sounding very powerful. I mean that’s, where it’s at that probably cost five dollars in gas. But you know it sounds so good. Now, beyond the big burly v8 and just enjoying that power uh, you can also really enjoy the ride quality that you have on board. Nissan’s really done a great job. With this, it feels really the same as the infiniti qx80 that we drove a few months ago, just really smooth quiet in here.

Yeah. These seats are awesome. Yes, oh my gosh. They’re like sitting on the couch yeah. All this together. It’s, really just a relaxing kind of experience. Um here we’ll, go ahead and also get the sound level reading here. So we get some official measurements uh. It is very windy outside. I will preface with that, but we’ll get a measurement here, as we get behind a qx80 yeah all right, so we dropped down to 53 decibels, so that’s, a really really nice reading yeah, that is on par.

That’s, actually better than a lot of luxury cars like the german luxury vehicles that we test, that’s right now. The other aspect of the powertrain that you’re, probably noticing when we took off there, is the seven speed automatic transmission so um that pairs very nicely to this v8 engine over the course of the couple hundred miles that we’ve.

Fuel Efficiency

This is smaller than some of the main competition at this point. Your third row, for instance, yeah uh, is compromised having the high floor um. So there’s, just some things like that that wouldn’t. They’re, not going to be able to correct that until this goes into a full range.

All right now, you’re, probably wanting to know what this v8 is going to cost you you, you know it’s, not gonna be great. It’s, not gonna be great, no, no uh getting around that. But okay, so our two wheel, drive numbers are gonna, be 14 city 19 highway 16 combined.

2021 Nissan Armada Midnight Edition Price

2021 Nissan Armada Midnight Edition Price

If you choose the four-wheel drive system, that’s, going to drop that down one combined to 15, which it could be worse there’s. Always like the land cruiser, which is worse, but it’s. Definitely you know on the lower end and definitely lower than our most modern competitors, so just something to keep in mind, but that kind of goes in with the price, because you’re going to save money when you buy this versus the competition.

How much the 2021 Nissan Armada Midnight Edition Price?

Absolutely put into fuel so let’s. Talk about fat! This armada is actually going to start at $48,600 for the S trim level, SV is $52.600. Sl $56. 000. If you add the 2021 Nissan Armada Midnight Edition package, that’ll, take you to $57,990 and then the platinum model is going to top out at $65,000.

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