2022 Subaru Outback – Built for Adventure

2022 Subaru Outback – So when you think of subaru chances are the first thing you think of is the outback, which has been a very popular product for decades now for the 2022 model year, subaru is continuing to build on the success of This recently redesigned outback with additional standard equipment and even an all-new rugged wilderness model.

2022 Subaru Outback Color

What You Have to Get From 2022 Subaru Outback

So with that being said, let’s, go ahead and jump right into the review and see what’s new and what has made this such a popular. So walking up to this outback. Of course, this really just has an unmistakable look that looks like an 2022 Subaru Outback and really nothing else, and that does carry forward for the 2022 model year now.


At the intro i did mention, there is a new wilderness model that looks substantially different from this model, so We will be covering that in a separate review, but of course that just is the more rugged trim level now taking a look here at the limited trim as well as the majority of them.

You have this nice and clean and simple front subaru grille here with the silver accent. This would be darkened out. If you choose the onyx edition and then of course, you have the really chunky and rugged looking lower bumper here with the silver accent down here at the bottom and 8.7 inches of ground clearance, which is very good, since this is an outdoorsy vehicle.

Now let’s come over here to the lighting. This is a very premium and nice touch that subaru has included, because you have led adaptive lighting as standard equipment on every 2022 Subaru Outback. So, like i said that’s, a very cool touch and in addition to that we have an update with the led fog lamps. These are actually going to be included on every single trim level for 2022. Now coming down here to your wheels.

2022 Subaru Outback Configuration

2022 Subaru Outback Configuration

You do have a 17 inch alloy standard on the base and the premium models, and then, as you upgrade, you have an 18 inch contrast alloy that you see here on your limited and your touring models. The onyx edition has this but blacked out and then moving up here to your mirrors.

You have this nice chrome accent that extends onto them. Blind spot monitoring is going to be standard on the limited and touring available on your lower end trim levels, and then we also have the optional, auto dimming and projection abilities on this mirror all right.

So here at the site, of course, the outback is unmistakable for its design. It looks like an outback and as far as what kind of goes into that, you have this rugged black trim going across all the wheel arches, and you also have these really thick roof rails up top that give it that rugged.

Off-Road. Look now coming around to the rear design itself. There’s, not going to be anything different for 2022, so you’re, going to have the signature outback. Look you have these big pieces of black cladding right here and then, as far as the taillights are concerned, these are going to be partially led your brake light, as well as the accenting is LED.

However, the turn signal and reverse light are both incandescent. Then, if we drop down here to the bottom, we do have this nice silver accent to help kind of break up the black cladding. Now one of the really nice things about going for a subaru is, of course, safety is at the forefront, so they’re, going to throw in all of your safety systems as standard equipment, so that’s, going to be for emergency.

2022 Subaru Outback Safety Feature

2022 Subaru Outback Safety Feature

Braking with pedestrian detection, adaptive cruise control lane keeping assist as well as auto high beam headlamps. Well guys that’s, going to wrap up the exterior design of this outdoorsy 2022 Subaru Outback. But now let’s! Go ahead and check out the inside.


Look there’s, not really any huge changes for 2022, except for that new wilderness model, which we will talk about in a dedicated, separate review. And now let’s. Talk about our different interior, color and material options in which there are a lot so your base and your premium trims have cloth seating, onyx edition, startex, leatherette limited has leather and the touring has nappa leather.

Now, as far as your color choices, most of the trim levels are going to have slight black titanium gray or warm ivory. However, just the touring comes with java brown. Now turning over here to your door trim, it is very nicely finished.

We have a leather material covering the entire armrest. All of this center part with a stitching detail and then the top part is soft, touch got a piano. Black accent, chrome finish door handle. Of course, we have two person memory, seating on this limited and the touring, and then all four of the windows are one touch auto up and down checking out the seats here.

Subaru is nicely including a 10-way power adjusting seat with two-way lumbar on all, but the base model, and we even have a manual thigh extension, which is a nice touch and then, as far as the seats themselves, always a big fan of subaru seats.

2022 Subaru Outback Interior

2022 Subaru Outback Interior

And this is no exception, since we have the limited. This is a real leather and, as you can see, it has a very attractive, stitching design, lots of perforation and it’s extremely comfortable to set it. So ever since this 2022 Subaru OutbackĀ  was fully redesigned. It has had a very nice cabin, and that does continue this year so across our upper dashboard.

This is all finished in a high quality, soft touch plastic and as we move to our middle areas, this is all finished in a leatherette material with a stitching detail that goes all around the screens down below you have some more leatherette. You have some piano black accents through here as well as here, and you also have some more leather red that runs along the console for your knee to rest against.

Of course, everything in here, as you can see, fits together very nicely, even though this is a pretty complicated design. Now, to start it up, put your foot on the brake and press the button, and after you start it up, you’ll, be greeted with this gauge cluster on every version of the outback, as you can see very simple and clean.

Look to it with two analog gauges, then you have a 4.2 inch multi-function display right there in the middle and of course you can use the steering wheel, controls to cycle between some information and then, as you remember, from a lot of other subaru products, they would Have the secondary display that sets up here on top with the new version of the 2022 Subaru Outback? They integrate that right into this main display, so you can cycle between some additional information, including turning on and off your x mode.

2022 Subaru Outback Transmission

2022 Subaru Outback Transmission

You’ve, got some information about off-roading weather, just basically all the extra stuff that doesn’t fit inside of that display, and then this right here on the top. This is for your driver monitoring system, which reminds you, if you’ve lost focus all right now, pulling back here to the steering wheel.

So long as you choose anything except for the base model, you will, get this very nice leather. Wrapped steering wheel with the color contrast stitching details as you can see it’s got the newest. Subaru design is going to be manual tilt and telescoping, and then it is heated on the top-end touring model or we have it optional. On this limited. Okay, so let’s dig into interior storage. Next, let’s start out underneath our center console here.

As you open it up, you have a little storage area on top, then you can open up the broader amount of storage. This is pretty nice good and deep. There is a felt lining in there as well any 12 volt outlet and that’s, how our coupons fit.

So it looks like they’re going to fit in there just fine up in front of that. We’ve got two cup holders with an adjustable height and then up in the very front. Here we have a little storage cubby here. It looks kind of small, but it’s actually very large. It goes all the way back, so you can stick your entire phone in there and then you ‘ Ve also got two usb ports and an aux track all right now pulling back to the shifter.

It’s very simple, to use shifter, of course, just pull back for drive. You can bump to the left. If you want to shift manually with the standard, paddle, shifters and then heading into reverse, you’ll, be greeted with this standard backup camera.

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As you can see, we do have active trajectory really nice resolution as well. Now there is no 360 degree. Camera option on this 2022 Subaru Outback, however, if you get the onyx edition or the touring model, that that has a front-facing camera, which is good for parking as well as off-roading, and then, when you put the vehicle into reverse, the mirrors will tilt down to help.

You see the parking lights better and then right. There is your electronic parking brake, but now let’s, go ahead and move into the display, which is really a dominating feature inside of this outback. Since there’s, a lot of different functions inside of it so on the base model, that’s, going to come with a dual 7 inch display configuration.

However, if you choose anything besides for that, you’re going to get this really large 11.6 inch touch display. Now, inside of this, you have like, i said several different functions. I’m, going to start with climate control, so you have a dual zone: automatic climate control setup for the premium and, above you do have physical controls on the side to adjust your temperature very easily.

2022 Subaru Outback In-car Entertainment

2022 Subaru Outback In-car Entertainment

Like that, the rest of the things you just adjust inside of the screen, so you can adjust your zones like that. You can, of course, adjust the temperature as well and subaru does point out that this has separate processing from the rest of the infotainment system, so that is designed to keep things nice and speedy, especially when you first start up the system clicking.

There will also bring you to your three-stage seat heating. This is also included on the premium trim and above and if you want seat ventilation that will be on the top in touring as we move above that we have our volume knob.

So now we are into our main star link system. Like i already pointed out, you have your little secondary display up there, which remains throughout the system and then all the rest of the stuff lives right here in the middle section so clicking into our navigation map.

It is powered by tom tom, as you can see, this is what it looks like. Of course, you are also going to have standard apple, carplay and standard android auto as well. Now i am also noticing a software update for this 2022 model and that’s.

The fact that the auto start stop system now has its own dedicated button right here next to the home screen. So you can turn that on and off more easily. Previously that would require going into this menu here and then changing it inside of here, but subaru has added that now.

I guess since uh you know people want to be able to turn that on and off easily now you can do that as we move up. Above here we have an auto dimming mirror with your homelink universal remotes and compass, on the limited and above and then finally up here on the roof.

As you can see, we do have a standard size sunroof. This is going to be included on the 2.5 touring trim levels, uh it’s optional on this 2.5 limited and then all of the xt limited tourings will have it so welcome to the outback’s, rear seat and back here i’m, very, very impressed and comfortable, as always when i get into an 2022 Subaru Outback, because this is really just a very spacious wagon crossover type thing and it has a lot of room for your family.

2022 Subaru Outback Redesign

2022 Subaru Outback Redesign

So let’s talk about that space figure. First, we have 40 inches of rear, legroom 39 inches of rear headroom, which is essentially the same as the subaru forester, and it’s right on par with you know, stuff like a nissan murano or a hyundai santa fe.

Behind receiving position, i have, i would say, a solid six inches of rear leg room and my feet can slide up underneath the seat. Now, turning our attention towards the features we do have a 20 22 change and that’s, going to be that the premium trim now gets rear vents here in the middle, which is a nice touch.

If we drop below that, we do have two charging usb ports and then, if you go for a limited or touring model, you will also have heated rear seats. Then, if we drop down the center armrest there’s cup holders inside now, walking up to the tailgate.

You do have a hands-free power, one on the limited and touring trims in order to open just put your hand next to the subaru emblem, and it will open right up now. As far as the space itself is concerned, you’re, going to be looking at 33 cubic feet behind the second row seats.

If you fold it, it goes all the way up to 76 cubic feet, that’s, a lot of space. It’s right on par with that of the subaru forester, as well as the main competition. If you call it that that i mentioned earlier – and it is finished very nicely back here as well – we have a cargo cover up top and then off to the right side.

We have a net, we can fold the seat, 60, 40 split and on the floor we have a nice carpeting and then, if we lift it up, we do have a spare tire now. Another nice touch is that we do have a power adjusting passenger seat. Then, if we open up the glove box, it is really really nicely felt lined it’s also dampened and as far as how the coupons fit in they do fit in there.

Just fine there’s, even like a dedicated tray back here for them that kind of sinks in and very impressed with that – and we also have this little storage cubby right above that, then up top we have a sun visor with lighting as well As a mirror – and we can also detach it as well as extend it all right, so there is a acceleration with this 2022 Subaru Outback.

2022 Subaru Outback Specification

What we have on board today is the standard engine. This is what the vast majority of outbacks will be equipped with it’s. The two and a half liter boxer, four cylinder, making 182 horsepower 176 pound-feet of torque definitely feels more than adequate.

2022 Subaru Outback Specification

2022 Subaru Outback Specification

I would say the majority of people will be totally satisfied with it, but, of course, as with the last two model years, you have the 2022 Subaru OutbackĀ  xt version available. If you want more power, i believe is 260 horsepower so from the turbocharged 2.4 liter boxer for um and that’s available as an option on your top two trims and the standard on the xt or the onyx edition.

And the wilderness model yeah And we have driven that one a few times. So if you’re more concerned about the power, that is a really really great engine but like drew said, this is more than adequate for the average outback owner by any means.

When you get into a vehicle like this, i don’t, think you expect it to be super fast or anything like that. So this is perfectly fine right, and this has a continuously variable transmission, no matter which engine you choose the nice thing about.

It with in this application is that it is tuned to be very responsive when you first start off, so i feel like when you put your foot down. It feels very spunky when you first take off no matter which engine that you choose nice, quite nice.

Fuel efficiency

You also notice that the cvt does have a shift simulation as well, so it gives it a. You know more conventional feel when you’re behind the wheel yeah and it is going to have standard all-wheel drive, as you would expect out of a subaru and as far as the fuel economy is going to be concerned, that’s going to put your fuel economy at 26, 33, 29 for this regular engine to go for the xt. It’s, going to be reduced down to 26 combined, and now that we’re up to around 55 miles an hour.

How much the 2022 Subaru Outback Price?

We’ll talk about the pricing a little bit, but specifically this limited with. We actually have some options and everything and 2022 Subaru Outback at $37,000 and some dollars, which is really a great value, because the class below a smaller vehicle than this usually costs about that much money yeah.

2022 Subaru Outback Price

2022 Subaru Outback Price

Now, as far as the pricing of the rest of them, the 2.5 i base is going to start at $26,945 bucks and then, if you go all the way up to the xt touring the highest dollar one, you can get that’s. Going to be a touch under forty thousand at thirty nine, nine, forty five uh.

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