A Closer Look at the Newest Semi Autonomous Tesla Car

In February of this year, Tesla Motors introduced two new electric cars, the sedan and the SUV. At first, the company was criticized for not including a sporty model in its lineup, but Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that the company is “working on” a sporty model. A teaser video showed pictures of the sedan, with its sleek shape and large windows. It looked more sporty compared to the SUV that will be released sometime in the next few years.

A Closer Look at the Newest Semi Autonomous Tesla Car

A Closer Look at the Newest Semi Autonomous Tesla Car

Musk later clarified during a meeting with analysts that he meant the sedan’s sporty look and not the entire model 3 line, saying that there will be a sporty model out at some point. Since the introduction of its new sporty model, it has been speculated that the company may launch a series of low profile electric sedans similar to the Toyota Prius. The first concept that came up had a sharp, online look and sporty allure. It had a sporty model front end, with very wide fenders and rear seats, sporty bumpers, and a very muscular, almost arrogant stance.

Now, perhaps, we can expect something a bit edgier for the Model X. In a tweet posted earlier this week, Musk mentioned, “I think we’ll have sportier & less boxy Model X coming soon”. He did not specify if the Tweet means a new subcompact or a redesigned Model S, but it is obvious that the company is planning something major for the next few years. In a later tweet, Musk said that production on the semi truck that will carry the X will start in early 2021.

It is hard to say what the latest tesla model x will look like. A concept vehicle looks to be the most likely design. If you look at the current design for the vehicle, you can see that it does not look radically different than the current model. Even so, there are a few aspects of production that we should look out for.

The first thing to note is the Model S wrap around SUV. Although the SUV was not officially confirmed as a replacement for the Model 3, some believe that it may very well be called the next-generation model. The SUV is most likely going to be introduced before the release of the full-scale electric vehicle. If we assume that the Model 3 will be introduced around 2021, then there is a good chance that the SUV will follow around that time. We should also see a new model of Teslarun’s third-generation platform by 2021, which is expected around the same time.

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An interesting thing about the latest teardrop model is the presence of what looks like a Tesla plaid cover on the front. In a previous tweet, Tony Gardner suggested that the design team for the vehicle might be taking “toyota” to a whole new level. There is no solid evidence to back up this speculation, but it definitely seems to make a lot of sense. One can only imagine what the new design for Teslarun will look like, but one thing is for sure, it looks to be very sporty and “weird”.

If we assume that the new car is going to be released in late February/early March, then there is only one logical vehicle that could very well be the primary competitor of the Model S, and that is the Roadster. It is widely believed that the new electric vehicle will be a sportier version of the current Roadster. The Roadsters’ design has been around for several years now, and they have always featured some kind of aerodynamic covering. The only thing that seems to have changed with the Roadster is the size of the vehicle.

For those of us who do not want to wait until close to the time of the Frankfurt Motor Show, there is good news. The company just announced that they will be introducing a new semi autonomous program called “Teslarun” later this year, which is expected to be released in of this year. The official website does not mention if the Roadster will be one of its vehicles, but according to the blog of one of the authors of such technology (patents), we should expect that it will.

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