All-Time Best Seller – Ford Explorer

Ford Explorer – The new Ford Explorer is not just a sporty SUV. Even with a production number of about twenty-eight thousand this new model year Ford vehicle can be considered a mini car. It sports big, tall fender flares, aggressive front and rear bumper extensions as well as wider and much sleeker air vents. But there is more than looking at the new Ford Explorer.

What You Have to Get From Ford Explorer

This new model year Ford vehicle is also available in two new colors: Black and Xenon Clear. While these two colors will not be available on every SUV, they will be made available for the Ford Explorer. Although the Ford name means quality, it is not always easy to distinguish between a high quality model and a lower quality model. You know that you are getting a good value when the manufacturer puts the word “excellent” on a product and the “excellent” aftermarket accessories do not match.

When you take a look at the exterior styling of the Ford Explorer, you might want to be able to tell that the newest model is built on the new Ford platform. The Ford Platform, which is the name for the company’s pony car architecture, was redesigned with the introduction of the powerful Ford Fusion and Lincoln Zephyr Convertible.

In addition to the powerful Ford motor, these vehicles use aluminum body panels and power-assisted venting. Ford has taken advantage of the fact that the newest Ford Explorer utilizes a smaller and more efficient engine. The official figure for the fuel consumption is only 3.5 quarts per gallon. So if you want to enjoy a quiet, fuel-efficient ride and impress your friends with your loud gas guzzler, the Ford Explorer could be the right vehicle for you.

With a variety of optional upgrades, the Ford Explorer continues to grow in popularity. One of the best additions is the new Drivetrain module, which improves the power of the front and rear-wheel drive vehicles. The new Ford Destination Upgrade offers five different settings from which you can customize the way the vehicle performs on the road.

The upgraded Ford Destination Upgrade also features an automatic transmission and comes with the heavy-duty front brake pads and rotors, eleven-speaker stereo with Precision Cruise Control, fog lights, and daytime running Lights.

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If you want something more exciting, you might want to go for the twenty-second edition of the Ford Explorer, which has been spruced up with some cool features. For one, the dashboard has been revamped, and it includes a new color – one that better suits the shiny exterior of the Ford Explorer. Other features on the dashboard include the Microsoft Flight Simulator, the MyFinance application (in compatible editions), and a USB device with Microsoft Windows Vista or XP Home Edition.

The Ford Explorer continues to stay on top of its class despite the fact that it is now offered in a slightly different lineup. However, the most notable model in the new Ford lineup is the new Ford Fusion, which is built on the same platform as the outgoing Ford Explorer.

Despite its similar design to the Explorer, the Fusion shares the same platform and body style. The difference between the two models lies on the underpinnings of the vehicles. The Ford Fusion is powered by a small two-cylinder engine (versus the three-cylinder engine in the Explorer), while the former boasts of a five-cylinder engine that offers power greater than any other vehicle in the Honda lineup.

When it comes to power, both vehicles are quick. But the Ford Explorer has an advantage over its competition when it comes to acceleration. This is owing to its torque, which makes it ideal for hauling heavy loads. On the other hand, the Fusion’s small engine and transmission can make it only suitable for light loads. Overall, both cars are excellent when it comes to driving dynamics, but the Fusion probably wins the test of speed more often.

It would definitely be tough to crown the winner between the two vehicles. The Ford Explorer has probably been the underdog in its class from the time it was introduced into the market, but it finally has received a reprieve from the new Ford Fusion. With a powerful four-cylinder engine, superior ride and handling, and a host of options to suit any taste, the Ford Explorer will continue to provide excellent rides for many more years to come.

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