Is The GMC Canyon AT4 A Good Pickup?

GMC Canyon AT4 –  is an ATV that is very popular in the world market. It is the ultimate all-terrain vehicle (ATV) and was first designed for the adventurous types. The rugged, all terrain vehicle is suitable for every kind of terrain and is used extensively around the world for varied reasons. This ATV is built on the new GMC brand which is a very popular manufacturer with an excellent range of ATVs. GMC Canyon has been around since the mid 1980’s and has a very strong history and reputation in the ATV world.

What You Have to Get From GMC Canyon AT4

GMC has come out with a Canyon AT4 which will hold you Comfortable no matter the rough terrain. termed as the new canyon at, it is a revolutionary concept which was developed to test the full potential of the new Canyon platform and inspired anyone thinking about turning their old Canyon into a practical tool for overlanding.

The new ATV holds four wheel drive capabilities and can go up to 55 mph, but still retain the agility to negotiate small uneven surfaces and tight curves. The range of this ATV is yet to be defined, but it is enough to say that it is going to be in high demand across the board.

The idea behind this concept ATV is to make off-road driving as simple as possible. To do so, they have designed the ATV with off-road specific suspension and shock absorbers, which give the rider a better feel and enables him to maximize his control and stability while also having the capacity to hold faster speeds.

They have also equipped the ATV with a high clearance, wide width tires to facilitate smooth ride and off-road driving in all types of weather conditions, and a two-wheel drive system with four wheels and a truck mount. The system is further complimented by a low ground clearance, enabling the ATV to get around obstacles on level ground.

Like other new generation ATVs, the GMC Canyon AT4 comes with exceptional off-road pickup trucks that have been specifically designed for off-road driving. The GMC Canyon AT4’s unique truck is fitted with a powerful dual-threshold twin turbocharger, delivering more power and improved horsepower at higher rpm.

This ATV’s twin turbocharger can improve overall performance of the vehicle and is capable of producing up to 47 hp at maximum torque. This makes the GMC Canyon AT4’s power able to go through obstacles and manage its speed with a greater extent.

As you would expect from a premium vehicle such as the ATV, you get the best in quality and performance when you purchase a Canyon at. It comes with standard equipment that includes fully adjustable struts, shocks, tires, hubcaps and winches. The suspension system of the vehicle is finished with precision-tuned springs and Billet cast aluminum shocks, which improve on the truck’s off-road pickup truck capability. When it comes to tires, the GMC Canyon AT4 comes with a fleet of two different options – GMC All Terrain Max (rear axles) and GMC Terrain Sport (rear tracks).

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The exterior of a GMC Canyon AT4 is enhanced by a whole host of optional additions that have been carefully crafted to enhance the overall appearance of the pickup truck. Apart from the standard trim parts, you also get the GMC Xenon Headlights, Xenon Tail Lights, Cruise Control, Tinted Windows and Recaro Proavan Seat Cover.

Apart from the headlamps, the front fender and the side skirts also come in various colors such as charcoal gray, deep black, sand, satin beige, tan, beige, black and blue. All these parts are coupled with GMC Xenon Headlights, Cruise Control, Tinted Windows and Recaro Proavan Seat Covers.

With all these options, you can always maintain the cool and classy look of your pick up truck. What’s more, you can also customize your Canyon AT4 with stylish accessories like front grill guards, dual exhaust systems, projector fog lights, after-market performance chips, seat covers and so on.

To add to the luxurious and refined character of your vehicle, the GMC Canyon AT4 SUV comes with a number of special concept features. The first among them is the availability of an exclusive leather- Wrapped Interior, which is a combination of high-end materials and technology, to enhance the utility of your vehicle.

This leather- Wrapped Interior comes with a number of innovative features that include premium leather upper material, full leather flooring, full leather headrest with cupholders, front and rear seat fans, and an exclusive wraparound sunroof. All these special concept features make the Canyon SUV truly opulent and classy. The third concept feature is a folding, cargo-tracked cargo compartment with an optional fifth wheel hitch.

Apart from this, the GMC Canyon AT4 overland is also equipped with five-door hard tops with vinyl windows, rear window defrost, front and rear cargo doors with optional cargo tray, a roll-up air bed with hydraulic lift for easy loading and unloading, and a power lift tow bars for better handling.

You can also upgrade your Canyon AT4 with optional fog lights and projector fog lights, aftermarket stereo system with CD/DVD, Mastered Disc, MP3 player with subwoofer, and hi-fi stereo system with CD player. You will get all these features in a single affordable price with the special GMC Canyon AT4.

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