Important Mitsubishi Car Accessories That You May Not Have Considered

Mitsubishi Car – is an automotive group of companies that are headquartered in Tokyo. The company has two main car models, the Line and the CV (Crossover). Each model has a variety of features, depending on the model, of which the following is a brief description.

Important Mitsubishi Car Accessories That You May Not Have Considered

Important Mitsubishi Car Accessories That You May Not Have Considered

Mitsubishi currently has no plans to launch a new SUV. However, it is developing its portfolio to include other smaller vehicles such as sport utility vehicles and minivans. The group is currently looking at ways to expand its product line by introducing a new vehicle from time to time. Currently it is only offering the midsize segment of its name, although it plans to broaden its offerings in the near future.

What You Have to Get From Mitsubishi Car Accessories

Out of the four different models offered by the company, three of them come from the four-door SUV segment. There are actually not many kinds of Mitsubishi automobiles, and though the future projects of the Japanese carmaker are still uncertain, here’s the current list of current Mitsubishi automobiles on sale:

Mitsubishi Eclipse, currently one of the best selling cars in its class, is a sporty version of the family-oriented vehicle it inherited from the Toyota/Acura division. The sedan version has received several refinements, most notably the presence of a sport suspension system. This model uses a manual or automatic top. All the other models in the group have either a standard or a rear-axle drive. A version with a standard transmission is also offered in this group.

Mitsubishi Eclipse also offers two models in the small car segment, the mid-sized sedan and the small SUV. Both these cars have been made available with the standard Golf engine. However, to complement the sporty feel of the sedan, its counterpart the sporty SUV models come with a standard V-tech engine. Both the cars have received significant refinements, especially the SUV, which now features a larger gasoline engine and a host of options for gear selection. All models in the Mitsubishi car lineup now offer a host of standard features such as auto up/down control, temperature control, Bluetooth wireless for cellular phones, MP3 player integration, side-impact airbags, strong front-side side-impact door-crack guard, and front seat passenger side-impact airbags.

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Mitsubishi Eclipse Tour, the entry-level model in the Tour line, is built on the same basis as the SUV. It shares the same body style, but with slightly lower front and rear ends. As such, it manages to retain the standard Golf engine, but incorporates an additional cutting edge model on the inside, namely a LoPore combustion engine. The all-wheel drive, two-door Mitsubishi Eclipse also receives a standard Electronic Brake-force Distribution system (EBCD) but can also be supplemented by a Power Prime auto transmission system.

All models in the Mitsubishi car lineup now come with standard automatic floor pedals, which allows the driver to easily change gears on the fly without shifting from the steering wheel. With this new addition, drivers can enjoy premium comfort without feeling like they are fighting to shift gears. Additionally, the automatic transmission in the cars is supplemented by a torque converter. This is designed to deliver smooth, friction-free shifts. Models that come with the Limited Sport trim version come standard with suspension parts manufactured by Pirelli, and are standard on the Clubsport and Track packages.

Most models in the Mitsubishi car range have received suspension updates, most notably the suspensions of the Limited and Track packages. As such, they are capable of handling dynamic events on the road better, with enhanced control when driving over jumps, twists and turns. Furthermore, all models come standard with a two-way automatic parking brake, so you no longer need to worry about who is going to brake the car! The Electronic Brake-force Distribution system, or EBD, is also standard on most Mitsubishi car models.

Mitsubishi models come standard with new satellite radio capabilities, including XM satellite radio. This technological breakthrough allows you to receive great music while you drive in your favorite vehicle. The Electronic Brake-force Distribution, or EBD, system on the new Mitsubishi car models helps to deliver excellent performance levels. You will undoubtedly notice improved handling as well as greater fuel efficiency.

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