Mercedes-Benz Provides Gas Guzzling Cars for Families

As the Mercedes-Benz company continues to expand its lineup with more luxury models, it also makes room for some of the more exotic ones as well. There’s the S-Class, which offers seven seats in total, but it’s the most high-end of the luxury lines. It offers passenger and driver access to separate passenger airbags, a safety system that allows the car to roll into a hill stop, a four-door model with overhang that helps with side impact collisions, a forward-facing five-star crash air bag, and a trifecta roof line.

The S-Class also offers an impressive list of features, including a leather interior with deep pats, a steel instrument panel, and an automatic climate-control with fingertip controls. Upgrading from the S-Class to the S-CLension is the ultimate in luxury; it offers premium leather interior, front access to the driver’s area, front passenger side air bags, and an instrument panel with six distinct colors. Expect even more capabilities from the CLension, including a self-driving system and the ability to lock/unlock the doors.

Upgrading to the Mercedes-Benz S-Class with the CLension model continues Mercedes’ tradition of offering the best in luxury. With an 11.9-inch touch-pad and a full keyboard, passengers are treated to a wide-ranging control scheme. A new generation of navigation technology helps the S-Class continues to be one of the most useful and intuitive systems on the market, featuring front, rear, and panoramic views with voice recognition. Drivers can get directions, find nearby gas stations and fast food restaurants, and use the instrument cluster to view trip data like speed, fuel consumption, miles per gallon, and the time it took to reach their destination.

Another member of Mercedes-Benz’s luxury lineup is the S-Class wagon. The wagon is one of the company’s smallest, most versatile vehicles. Available in five distinct colors, the wagon continues to provide excellent performance and a comfortable interior. Some of the new tech in the Mercedes-Benz S-Class wagons includes a touch-screen that is fully customizable. Also, unlike the sedan, the wagon includes a nine-spool automatic transmission.

Other new tech in the Mercedes-Benz S-Class range includes a new instrument panel that provides a host of new features, as well. One feature that is new to the gullwing-type vehicle is an instrument panel that incorporates the Mercedes-Benz logo. In addition to instrument panel integration, the front air vents have been expanded to support a wider air flow pattern. The new electric torque-distribution paddle also helps make driving comfortable and convenient. The temperature-compass system has also been improved and is now a built-in part of the dashboard.

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One other technological advancement for the Mercedes-Benz S-Class is the introduction of its new electric drive system, which makes use of a lithium-ion battery that promises to extend the car’s power output. The battery can be recharged at any of several service centers, making it a must-have feature in any Mercedes-Benz. The electric drive system is standard on the newer Mercedes-Benzes, but it is optional on some models such as the S Class models. No matter what your choice is, you will no longer have to worry about being stranded in the middle of nowhere with no way to get to your destination.

When it comes to plug-in hybrid fuel technology, the new Mercedes-Benz S Class models offer you three different options. The first option, called the S Class Quantum plug-in hybrid, uses a standard gasoline engine in conjunction with a gasoline plug that sends electricity to the electric motor. This electric motor then converts the gasoline power into electric energy for use as needed. The second option is the S Class Prestige plug-in hybrid, which sends electricity through a battery that stores it in a rechargeable nickel metal hydride battery.

A third model in the Mercedes-Benz lineup is the S Class E Class hybrid, which uses an electric motor, coupled with a series of batteries in place of the conventional gasoline engines in Mercedes-Benzes. All three of these options use the same plug-in hybrid system, but they come in three separate design families. The most basic plug-in hybrid in the E-Class family provides you with a 7.3 hp gasoline engine and two electric motors in place of the standard three, while the E Class Prestige plug-in hybrid has an electric motor that offers a maximum of torque of over 400 Nm, along with better overall handling.

As you can see, the new car lineup from Mercedes-Benz is quite diverse. You can choose between the E-Class line, the S Class line, and even choose a hybrid option for your next Mercedes. Mercedes-Benz has set the standard for performance in the industry by introducing a variety of high-performance vehicles each year. By continuing to introduce new models in the lineup each year, Mercedes-Benz guarantees that consumers will not only be satisfied with their cars, but will also have enough gas money to last them until they sell the cars.

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