The Wildest Rumors on the BMW Nameplates

BMW has long since been the symbol of luxury and prestige for drivers across the globe. However, the company is fast-stepping up its game and gearing its production towards the up and coming future. With the new BMW 3-series range, the German automaker has once again taken the lead in the luxury segment and is considered by experts to be a reputable manufacturer of automobiles in the world today. For this reason, BMW enthusiasts have been steadily increasing their attendance at car shows and other events across the globe where they can come and meet with the various Bimmer models and talk about the upcoming releases of BMW 3-series.

The Wildest Rumors on the BMW Nameplates

The Wildest Rumors on the BMW Nameplates

The new BMW 2-series, the replacement for the last 2-series models, is here on track in rear-end and all-door drive M 240i and xDrive models. These sporty vehicles, which are lighter than the outgoing models, are further characterised by their eye-catching exterior designs and sleek, flat black grilles.

The two main body colours, which are offered in the range, are chrome-finish and matte black. Both have distinct aerodynamic looks that make them look more compact and sleek on the road. The 2.0 model is further characterised by an optimally shaped grill and lip that help lengthen the overall body length.

In terms of the engine and the power train of the new BMW 2-series, there have been significant developments over the last few years. The new by 2-series models offer an increased level of strength and power along with more refined and powerful emissions and exhaust systems. The new by 2-series also features a completely redesigned kidney grille, which is wider at the edge and uses larger diameter aluminum parts. In addition, the air intakes, exhaust pipes and the headlights now use single-piece stainless steel construction for greater strength and air flow.

The new BMW 2 series also gains greater refinement through its styling and the introduction of two new models. The first is the BMW xDrive with its two-door, mid-engine sports convertible that offers up to an extra of 391 NRT torque. This powerful little car comes with sporty Brembo brakes and larger front fenders, which help it corner well.

The second model is the BMW xDT with its rear-drive, mid-engine convertible that is also offered with an aggressive front end and torque-flowing torque. These two models are set to enter into the fight against other big names in the sport car segment with hopes of securing their places in the hearts of their new customers.

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BMW has also designed and developed a high-tech variant of the standard 2-series coupe called the BMW xDrive LED. This special edition is specially made for those who demand style above everything else. The new xDrive LED features all the benefits of the standard car such as cutting-edge technology, stunning design and lightweight materials, but does it cost you dear. At present, only a limited amount of this type of BMW xDrive can be found, so those who crave for one will have to settle for the limited supply.

However, the wait is worth it as you get a chance to drive the amazing auto at its best. The special edition BMW xDrive comes with sporty front and rear bumpers, a sporty six-spoke bodywork, a high-performance twin-turbo i-Pod sound system, stylish black leather trim, front and rear spoilers, front-seat passenger air conditioning with variable-speed control and a powerful 6.2-liter BMW twin-turbocharged engine that promise more than 575 hp and six hundred Nm of torque.

A new concept BMW i-Pods are planned for the future. Rumors state that this would replace the current BMW i-Pod series. However, there is no official word yet. With the i-Pod, consumers can still use their current headphones and connect to the Internet using Bluetooth or MMS. BMW has also developed an in-dash system for controlling the new model of i-Pods, which would be controlled via a touch-pad.

Also coming up in the future would be a sporty and luxurious BMW 2 series coupe with a powerful twin-turbocharged engine and MMI’s. The 2 series coupe’s new look would include a more powerful and refined twin-turbo MMI, a sporty front spoiler and revised tailpipes. It is also rumored that a modified BMW xDrive with a manual transmission will be introduced in the future.

The last rumor is that a BMW xDrive with a four-door sedan style will be introduced in the near future. This type of vehicle would be a production head of the new BMW brand. There have been rumors regarding a sedan, SUV and mid-size car with a powerful V8 engine in the works for decades now. With the introduction of the BMW X Models, it appears that the company may finally be ready to make this type of vehicle available. A powerful sedan that offers sporty performance will be an exciting new release for the BMW brand.

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