Is Toyota Corolla Cross Fuel Efficient?

Toyota Corolla Cross – From the time the Toyota Corolla rolled off the production line in 1997, it has been a symbol of style and class. Since that time, there have been no less than 12 different Corollas produced for the American market. Choose from all-wheel drive or rear Wheel drive and three trim styles: L, LE and XLE. The all new Toyota Corolla Cross offers a spacious, roomy interior with plenty of storage space behind the seating. Find out more about this amazing vehicle by reviewing its specs…

Toyota Corolla Cross

Toyota Corolla Cross

What You Have to Get From Toyota Corolla Cross

Toyota Corolla Cross all-Wheel drive has been awarded the “Best Overall Vehicle” award from J.D. Powers and Associates. For a mid-sized vehicle, the Corolla has been received high marks with passengers and designers alike. Its styling is distinguished with sharp fenders, a pronounced bumper lip, subtly sculpted side skirts and dual window “tours.”

Headroom is commendable for a vehicle of its size and design. Add to that five door seating for passengers and you have a vehicle that will make an impression on all who lay on its roof. Toyota Corolla Cross Utility Vehicle, the all-electric version of this truck features a powertrain that is two times more powerful than the all-electric version of the vehicle it replaced.

Toyota engineers worked hard to produce a smaller battery, improved battery charging and power management system. This new corolla comes standard with a 2.0-liter i-Tec nitro electric engine mated to an aluminum rear subframe, Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic (VTEC) transmission and six-speed automatic transmission.

The all-electric Toyota Corolla Cross gets great gas mileage, thanks to the powertrain and hybrid powertrain technologies. The Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic (VTEC) transmission lets you change the engine speed and accelerate faster, even while the car is parked. With a hands-free remote, even when the car is in motion, you can make your daily commute even easier. A new front bumper protects the underbody from unwanted intrusions, like balls or rocks kicked up during the day.

Hybrid powertrain is the way of the future. Today’s vehicles are designed to be more fuel efficient than ever before. However, they still cannot make use of all the fuel that the vehicle does; it is possible to only make do with so much energy. Today’s vehicles also still function using gasoline, despite improvements in the fuel efficiency. Toyota Corolla Cross offers a solution to this, with its two-liter gasoline/hybrid powertrain.

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When it comes to hybrid vehicles, consumers are demanding greater efficiency. Today’s vehicles are smaller, with less gas mileage, but consumers are still demanding greater performance and power. Toyota’s solution to this problem is the new Hybrid SUV. The new Toyota Corolla Cross is setting to offer all the performance power that consumers expect in a hybrid vehicle, coupled with the fuel efficiency that comes standard with SUVs.

The new Corolla hybrid features all the performance capabilities of a sedan, but even has more from the driver’s perspective. With a new XLE model that boast twenty-eight inches of curb space, and an eight-speed automatic transmission, the Corolla continues to give drivers everything that they want in a family sedan.

Vehicle safety is paramount for all drivers, and the new model boasts the most tech-packed vehicle in Toyota’s lineup. All models in the new lineup come standard with automatic airbags and a structural design that increase protection for the passenger and driver. Both the front and rear airbags have been improved on the XLE models, contributing to reduced body roll, better passenger safety, and a quieter ride.

In short, the new Toyota Corolla Cross is a stellar vehicle for anyone looking for the performance that comes with a larger family sedan. From city driving to long highway drives, this vehicle will give you everything that you would expect in a modern-day family sedan.

However, you might want to take one out for a spin in the desert for some sand boarding fun, or down south for some time on the beach before hitting the highways. Whatever your preferences, you’re sure to be pleased with what the New Toyota Corolla Cross has to offer.

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