All About The Toyota RAV4 Hybrid You Should Know

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid –  Toyota has just announced the addition of another trim level for its new RAV4 hybrid vehicle line for the 2021 model year. The RAV4 Hybrid XLE Platinum will start at $33,875, and it’s between the XSE and XLE and in the more popular segment of the overall vehicle line. Consumers can get a feel for whether or not this is going to be a good vehicle by looking at the pricing. It’s been said that the XSE will be sold at a cheaper price point than the higher spec models. So is it still a good idea to buy a higher spec model?

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid

What You Have to Get From Toyota RAV4 Hybrid

Well, let’s look at the specs first and see if the eight-speed automatic is still a good thing. For one, it appears that this hybrid will be offering an automatic gear-changing function, but what kind of gear-changing mechanism is it? In some markets the automatic is known as a transfer case. Some say this isn’t going to be a bad thing, since the automatic transmission can work quite well in a manual mode.

Fuel economy is the next question. Will the new Toyota RAV4 Hybrid be any better on fuel economy than the outgoing Toyota Prius? Well, there’s no real way to find out, since the fuel economy figures are only confirmed through the government.

However, many owners of hybrid vehicles are quick to note that their fuel efficiency is much better than the Prius, though they note that the engine size of the Prius is somewhat larger. In any case, it will be interesting to see how much further Toyota can go in terms of fuel economy on the new cars.

The all-wheel drive concept is a welcome change for Toyota, which has been reluctant to offer a hybrid car with an all-wheel drive option. Previously, the automaker had only offered a gasoline-powered vehicle. The all-wheel drive of the hybrid car would have certainly opened up a new range of market, but it may not have been a very good idea. In general, all-wheel drive systems are good on flat roads, but they limit maneuverability. Perhaps future versions of the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid will have a better all-wheel drive system.

On the other hand, the standard gasoline version of the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid is rated at 33 mpg city/on highways. That is a very high number, but Toyota claims that the Hybrid’s EPA fuel economy estimates are on the low side. It will be interesting to see how much of an effect, if any, the higher gas-rate gets on the estimated mileage.

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It could be something of a placebo effect, but if the hybrid gets a bigger gas tank it may allow it to climb out of the EPA fuel economy estimates. The EPA is not very happy with the fuel economy figures of many hybrids and many automobile makers are trying to remedy the problem by including a small increase in the size of the tanks. If that solution works, then the all-wheel drive hybrid will be a real winner.

As for warranties and resale value, expect quite a large jump in value for your hybrid. Just as the gasoline versions continue to grow in popularity, so too will these hybrid cars. Even if they were priced at the end of last year, they would be well under the price of the gasoline-powered vehicles. That means that your cost savings on the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid could become a real money-saver when you decide to sell.

One of the biggest selling features of the hybrid models is the all-wheel drive. However, the all-wheel drive system on the Toyota rAV4 hybrid includes a dual-zone automatic climate control with an automatic transmission. That is a real boon for owners of the vehicle.

If you plan to take your hybrid with you on a long road trip, you will enjoy your smooth ride even on somewhat choppy roads. The automatic transmission system also reduces the wear and tear on the power steering, which makes the overall driving experience more enjoyable.

Another big feature with the all-electric, all-wheel drive model of the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid is the presence of a high quality but engine. The new turbo-charged 2.0-liter Honda Civic engine produces more power than the previous generation and it has tighter torque, which makes it easier to climb hills and go faster.

Honda engineers claim that this supercharged hyrdon engine can reach 60 miles per hour. It also claims to have better fuel efficiency than the previous version of the gas guzzler. Not only does the Honda Civic offer buyers with all-wheel drive ability, it also offers an ample amount of space. Even though the all-electric version of the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid is smaller overall, it is still a handsome vehicle.

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